Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Narrative Writing

WALT write a narrative based on an image

Hi I am Paul. It is 2030 and I have a top secret delivery, it is apparently at a hangar in the middle of the desert.
So I get in my car and am heading to the desert. I get out of my car and go into the hangar. It is just dark and empty, I go outside and I am waiting for a truck or something to get here. I hear a plane landing and it was heading towards me. It parks in the hangar. Then two guys come towards me and they ask,” Are you Paul?”
I said,” Yes, I am Paul, but who are you?”
“I am Jack and he is Bob, and we are butlers. We just need to do a DNA check. Can you put your thumb on the scanner please?”
Vo vo vo be be be bebe, the scanner rumbled.
“It is Paul. Ok get the package Jack,” said Bob.
“BOB, CAN YOU HELP ME?” asked Jack.
“Yes sure Jack,” replied Bob.
‘Hang on Paul,” yelled Bob.
Jack was walking to Bob and I heard a thud thud thud. IT WAS A ROBOT I was so scared. The robot was clenching his claws while getting closer so I put my hands up and stood there defensively.
The robot asked,” Do you have the package?”
I said, “No it is in the plane.”
The robot was walking to the plane then this guy came up to me and said to get behind him and he started shooting the robot with a machine gun. The robot was screaming in pain and fell to the ground.
The guy said,” Boom, he's dead!!!, and I am  Vanossgaming.
I said,” I am Paul, thank you for saving me.”
Vanoss said,” It is all good. Now let's look at this package.” We looked  at it and it was a…..  to be continued               
                                 Look down here…….

I am just kidding it was a cat cage!!             

                            The End