Tuesday, 19 August 2014

About Me

my name is Lindsay and I am ten years old. I have a Mum, Dad and two sisters, Katie and Joanna. I have two cats, Sammy and Tinkerbell. My favourite sport is touch and my hobby is RC because it is really fun. My favourite subject is writing because it is wild! You can use your skills. I have 3 friends, Ashton, Mel and Jakob. They are cool as.

The Pumpkin With Toothache

I was walking along and I saw a cave so I decided to go in. It was a very dark cave so I got a torch. When I’d walked about ten feet steps I saw the same light... and it wasn’t my torch! I walked toward it. Suddenly a massive pumpkin appeared. It was saying, “My tooth is so sore!” I said my name was Lindsay and asked if it needed help. It said yes, I need to get my tooth out. Okay, so I hopped in and started pulling until it popped out.